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Awaiting the premiere of


A choral drama comes into being

Dear audience. On may 12th Vokalharmonin, one of Sweden´s leading choirs, perform THE DEER PARK at Borgholm Castle. Awaiting the premiere of this choral drama, dealing with the local history, composer Hans Gurstad-Nilsson give a talk on the writing process. Chronotopia wishes you all warmly welcome to this pre- concert evening. 

April 11, 18.00 p.m.

Borgholms bibliotek

Free entrance


Hans present the ideas behind Chronotopia and his ongoing work with their pilot project THE DEER PARK. Then there will be opportunity to ask questions and share refections.

If you have stories related to he royal Deer Park on Öland you are welcome to share them!


Chronotopia and Borgholms bibliotek

In collaboration with Ölands hembygdsförbund and with generous support from Signatur and Borgholm municipality

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